John Trichell - S9-115 Course Director

John Trichell – S9-115 Course Director

The next Wood Badge course in the Greater Alabama Council will take place in April and May of 2015. Course Director for S9-115 will be John Trichell. John is currently Scoutmaster at Troop 777 in Gadsden and was a participant on SR-865 and has served on numerous courses. You can view his bio as well as a really great picture from a previous post.

Dates for course S9-115 will be:

April 10-12, 2015 at Camp Comer
May 1-3, 2015 at Camp Sequoyah

It will have been a year since S9-114 left weekend 2 at Camp Westmoreland. The longest time we have had between courses in awhile. Due to this, we expect S9-115 to fill up. If you are interested in attending, contact John Trichell or sign up.

And as always, stay tuned to Wood Badge to find out more about Wood Badge and the Wood Badge reunion that will be happening at ScoutFest in November.

It’s Thursday before the course and most of the staff is on the road headed to Camp Westmoreland for Weekend 2 of Wood Badge S9-114. We expect some of the participants to spend the night on the edge of camp and be ready for the pack line bright and early. It’s going to be great weekend.


S9-114 Senior Staff – The “adults”


S9-114 Senior Charles Roberts giving it a go on the kudu horn.

S9114Comer-11-480px S9114Comer-23-480px

Here are some more photos to get you in the Wood Badge mood.

S9114Comer-27-480px S9114Comer-47-480px S9114Comer-52-480px S9114Comer-59-480px

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